Writing and Ranting

I’ve been thinking about the common themes and threads that are in my work. I’ve always been interested in the physical, specifically anything dealing with industry. Something that is physically in front of me, something that I can grasp a hold to. In a subject where you can so easily fall spiraling down this unpleasant hole, focusing on what is right in front of you I find to be the most comforting, and just as compelling. I’m in the middle of writing my thesis paper and i’ll get going on a thought and then get stuck because after one point I see all the different veins I can go down, but is it really necessary information? In my paper i’m worried about filling it too much with useless information where then when people are reading it they lose interest and miss my point. Much like how I feel about these blog posts. How much time do people really spend reading someone else’s mess of thoughts? You still have to be engaging whether or not your internal voice is dull. This pulls me to think about, How are we reaching the right audiences? Instagram and Tumblr, oh how I hate Tumblr, is a prime example of this. First of all, any personal work you post on there is open for the public to steal. Why would you do that to yourself, just for a day of popularity (psst you’re not the only one with 1,000 likes) from strangers that might be liking or reposting your photo because of reasons that have nothing to do with your intention or concept. “Oh the colors were pretty, let me reblog this.” What? This was from a very serious protest and you shared this because of the colors? Just as an example. I’d rather be recognized by a few valued creatives, then get 50 likes from people that have no clue. This goes back to having an engaging voice, but also be aware of your audience. If you post a photo of a protest where there is no caption and you tag it as “colorful” then that’s your mistake. Don’t broadcast your work in avenues that have nothing to do with your concept just to create a larger audience, because then all your doing is creating the wrong audience. That is at least the way that I look at it. What i’ll do about my paper is probably include all those different veins, then condense it down so that it really emphasize my point. Ugh, i’ve never been good a drafts. I always get stuck on this is what the final product needs to look like. Just write Becca, write.


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