Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful

Once you put words on a wall, it automatically identifies you in a specific light. The photo to me is symbolic, but to fresh eyes it’s a group of protestors screaming the words “Dont frack with our water”. Others will see the words and place me in a box without thinking about the meaning behind the words. I have to expect those will not read my artist statement and my reliance is based directly on my images to speak for me.  A strong enough photograph can provoke just enough thought. If I can get someone interested in the slightest, then it is a success. Not only am I leading my work with photos, but I will also have audio and a physical piece in the space that you can touch. I want to wake up those senses! I believe it will add more depth to the experience. Then maybe those will read my artist statement? I’m thinking about placing a bowl of swedish fish by the headphones. That’ll draw them in! Kidding of course.

So I’m near the end of my editing, and now on to framing and printing. I don’t want frames because I find them to be distracting, so I’m going to check out the cost of face-mounting on plexi. It’s like a cleaner version of gluing photos to gater board. I can’t wait to see the damage. But with only two photos, it may not be too bad. Paper is still up in the air. I may just go with traditional luster; though I love the feeling and look of exhibition fiber paper. Ah it’s just so damned expensive!

Moving on from that, I have a last possible subject to shoot then i’m done until after the show. It’s time to hunker down with this paper. And finish my first photobook I’m putting together so it’s ready for the show as well. AND make business cards. And get a solo gallery show? Yikes. So much to do and then a sudden rush of panic. Eeehh

In other news, I’ll be starting my first internship at WESA 90.5 the second week of May! I’m so unbelievably excited. I think this will be so good for me.

After thesis? I’ve been thinking a lot about this. It’s like what do you do after the big shabang? That’s the way I look at it. I’ll be working on this internship 3 days a week all Summer, working for Starbucks and then contining my thesis. And thinking about grad school and preparing for graduation. Maybe take some film classes at Filmmakers? Apply for grants. CREATE. Yeah the list goes on. And so does this blog post.

This weekend was an awakening experience for me. I drove 200 miles to Williamsport, PA. A scerene place. The time it took to travel there and back, I covered a lot of thinking ground. I may of exceeded the amount of time one should spend by themselves, but between this time and the seminar I went to the next day, I finally had that breakthrough moment.

I’ll have specifics about that seminar in my next post!

Theres someone currently singing Stand by Me outside my window. But only the chorus part. Oy. That is my musical delight while writing this!



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