Titling something. A big deal or not so much? I originally started with fission country because I was interested in what each of those words represented. Fission derives from the words associated with fissure and fracture. The word itself means the splitting apart of something. This is what happens to shale during the process of hydraulic fracturing. Above the surface, this is what has happened in our communities across the landscapes. We’re fighting our neighbors; there is a broken unity among peoples.

But what is a neighbor anymore? What ever happened to the concept “be a good neighbor”. Unless you live in an area where community still exists, it’s usually a “fend for yourself attitude.” Ugh. But this is a one result of the contravorsy. The word Country is what it sounds, it’s where we reside and survive. But to digress again, if you think about the ways we obtained this land, it was merciless and immoral. Stolen. Are we still stealing? From one entitie or another? There’s something to think about.

Titles can be representive to place or location, or meaning. They also create an identity to the work that you either want or don’t want, and that’s the reason why titles are important.


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